Remanufactured Pallet


Remanufactured Pallet is a new pallet made from recycled lumber.  It is built new, but with lumber that has been reclaimed and cut to the correct dimensions. Can be built  to any specification.

New Pallet


New Pallets are manufactured with completely new wood and have not been used in previous applications.  Can be built to any specification.


HEat Treatment Pallet


Heat Treatment is performed under the guidelines of ISPM-15 to prepare pallets and wood dunnage for export.


A Grade (#1) Pallet


A Grade Pallets are 48x40 4-way

pallets that have their runners (stringers) intact, without reinforcement blocks.

GMA Pallet


GMA (Grocery Manufacturer's Association) spec is a 48x40 4-way A Grade Pallet with more stringent requirements on board thickness and widths.  A GMA spec pallet has 6" lead boards on the top and bottom and three bottom boards in the middle.


B Grade (#2) Pallet


B Grade Pallets are 48x40 4-way

pallets that have runners that have been damaged in the past and are repaired with reinforcement blocks.

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