Who We are

Reeder Pallet Co. was formed in July 1989 by Cecil Reeder. A packaging salesman at that time, he began to repair pallets for one of his sales accounts when they expressed frustration with their current pallet recycling program. Now, many years later, Reeder Pallet still exemplifies that same commitment to customer service and willingness to seek solutions for our clients.


Centrally located in North Carolina, Reeder Pallet provides new and recycled pallets, custom pallets, and other recycling services throughout the state. With over 30 years’ experience in the packaging and shipping industry, we offer valuable services and insight to assist our clients’ needs.


Matthew Reeder is responsible for the financial and operational functions of Reeder Pallet.  A licensed CPA in the state of NC, he received his bachelors degrees in Business and Economics from UNC-Asheville in 1998.

Matthew Reeder

Financial Director


Cecil Reeder is the President and owner of Reeder Pallet Co. His career in sales began in 1978 as a grocery label distributor.  In 1986 he moved to packaging sales, which he continued until 1991, when Reeder Pallet grew to require his full-time oversight.  Cecil still personally oversees all contacts and clients to provide insight where possible and ensure complete satisfaction with all services.

Cecil Reeder


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